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The “Onward Adventures” of Navan Adventure Centre

Sep 7, 2021

At Navan Adventure Centre, we’ve always been about adventure! Needless to say though, 2021 has been a different type of adventure altogether…

Like most Irish businesses, we’ve had our ups and downs this year – Covid and the associated restrictions have been tough, but we made it through the closures and, even after everything, we’re still here to tell the tale.

As a small local company, we’ve got you to thank for that.

When it really comes down to it, you are the people who kept us going and kept our doors open following the lockdown. Without the support of local families and our local community, we likely wouldn’t be here now, and, from the bottom of our hearts thank you! You’ve all been fantastic, across the board!

So, what’s next for Navan Adventure Centre?

Well, we’ve been busy.

In case you haven’t visited us since the lockdown ended, we’ve got a few new activities in store for you!

We’ve added a whole new adventure package to include archery, obstacle course, mini golf and footgolf!

Our brand-new paddle boating goes quite nicely with our multi-activity package, off-road go-karting, inflatables, mini golf and football golf as an extra add on.

As well as that, we’ve also got some great indoor and outdoor package deals for children’s birthday parties.

Does that sound like fun?

We think so too!

Upcoming Events

What kind of an Adventure Centre would we be if we didn’t organise a huge Halloween experience?!

A word of warning though, ‘scarily enough’ for those who haven’t got in touch with us yet, our Halloween event is already selling out quite quickly with an amazing 75% of tickets already sold! So, if you want to see what we’ve got in store for that, be sure to get in touch with us soon – before it’s all sold out!

Following on from that, we all know what’s coming up next…

Sure, it might be a little early to usher the ‘C’ word for some, but at the Navan Adventure Centre we love Christmas! So much so, that we’re already planning our Christmas event!!

Last year we held our first ever Christmas event, and it went down an absolute storm – with that in mind, we’re changing things up this year, and we’re going to ensure it’s even better!

Keep a close eye on our website and social media, as tickets will be on sale for that over the next couple of weeks.


Lastly, did we mention that we’re always open?

Navan Adventure Centre is a year-round business! We’ve always got something going on, no matter the day of the week, the month, or the season!

We also happen to be Meath’s favourite Outdoor Adventure Park, with fun for all the family – so why not come and see what you’re missing?

Just give us a call on 085 236 6322, or drop us an email on to book your next unforgettable family day out!

Or, alternatively, just click here!


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