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Mud Makes Us Happier! It’s Official 🙂

Feb 26, 2019

At Navan Adventure Centre we’re all about the fun – good clean fun (or not so clean fun) – if our popular mud birthday parties are anything to go by. And who knew that rolling in the mud could be so good for us?

A growing body of research and evidence suggests that kids have an inbuilt need to play in mud because of its many physical and emotional benefits. And here’s what they found:


  1. Playing outdoors in the mud promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Living in a world that encourages us to be ‘too clean’ can cause more childhood illnesses. We need a certain amount of germs to build a strong immune system than will fight against allergies and other conditions – like asthma.
  3. Being exposed to friendly soil bacteria (Mycobacterium Vaccae) stimulates the immune system and releases the feel good chemical serotonin which reduces a child’s vulnerability to depression and anxiety.
  4. Encouraging children to connect with nature at a young age will strengthen that bond in adulthood. Becoming one with nature helps us to stay calm and appreciate the natural environment.

At Navan Adventure Centre we believe that giving children the permission to get dirty is a good thing. So if you want your children to swap the phones, tablets and gaming machines for some good old fashioned roll-in-the-dirt play, and don’t mind a bit of extra washing, then book in for one of our mud parties!

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